Getting a fair deal for Europe’s
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What EU shoppers are asking

We’re on a tight weekly budget now and always choose the payment plans where we spend the least – at least when we have a choice...

I travel a lot for business and I just don’t understand why every single time I use my Visa card for a hotel,...

We’re a family of four and really have to watch our pennies.  We use our payment cards only when it’s absolutely necessary...

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Did you know?


Did you know that the air miles and other ‘free gifts’ cardholders get from Visa and MasterCard are not free at all? Retailers and shoppers pay for them on every purchase – whether paid for by cash, cheque or card.

: Did you know ?
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Our Mission

Europe’s retailers want the best for Europe’s shoppers – in terms of price, quality, service and choice. But prices in Europe are artificially inflated because of hidden fees for debit and credit cards – fees which all shoppers end up paying for. We believe Europe’s shoppers have the right to know …

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Key Facts

“My bank told me the fee covers processing costs for Visa and MasterCard. But I read that only 13% of the fees go toward these costs, with the rest going to bank profits, and rewards for the select few cardholders.  What’s the deal?”

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